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Draw with me by LostAngel101 Draw with me by LostAngel101
「It feels cold
I want to be with you」

「You are with me
Only there's a glass between us」


I keep watching this over and overrrrr. I love this so much. Its so sad and heart warming. It's really emotional. If you haven't seen this before I recommend that you do~ :heart:
I feel like doing more fanart for this :'DD


Tegaki E - [link]

Youtube version - [link]

dA version - [link]


Done on Tegaki E :heart:

Characters/animation (c) *Mikeinel
Art (c) Me, ~LostAngel101
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AutumnBells Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
MAy I please use this as a reference?
LostAngel101 Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2013
E-eh? what do you mean? like as a base for a drawing?;;;
AutumnBells Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
No, as a reference for a drawing of me and a friend of mine. :)
MiaMeow14 Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2012
why can't he be with her without the galss between them
Kuroo-Wolfy Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2010
i watch this again and again and I never get sick of it xDDD
it's so sad DDD: ...
he2pockysticks Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2010
Nice :]. I like this specific moment you chose to portray.

& I know, right. I've watched it so many times D: HOnestly. COUNTLESS. Okay if I had to take a guess.. Seriously; 70+. I've had to watch that vid over 70+ times by now. That's at the least.. & probably 20+ of those times it's made me tear up. :/

I am slave to that amazing video.. Have you seen the updated version? He re-touched a few things, with sound effects added but there's different music with it, music that he commissioned someone for so he has the rights.

Great work here! :)
LostAngel101 Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2010
thank you! I really loved this moment in the video, it was so sad ><

When I first watched it I had to have watched a whole bunch more times. I still watch it now, just not as often lmao

Yes, I have <333 though, honestly, I kind of liked it better with "Cherish" playing but I understand why he did that, with copyright and all, it was still really wonderful though!
he2pockysticks Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2010
Aye, there. I agree, I sorta prefer the original more with "Cherish"; but both are great in their own ways :D.

Haha & same.. I don't watch it near as much now xD But every now & then I'll go back for another visit : D. I wish I was talented in animation..
kikyo00 Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2009  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
omg i know i wanted to cry when i saw this!
i also kept watching this over and over and OVER AGAIN! it one of my favourite little stories!
its so cute! i love it so much! <3
Kris-the-Nintengirl Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2009
Nice job! I love this. ^//^
Xephos49 Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
So sad. TTT^TTT This was the part when I felt utterly depressed. *mewls* Good job!
TheInsanium Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2009
I love the soft, beautiful colors. Goes well with the picture.
TheInsanium Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2009
THIS is why I need to read descriptions. I apologize for failing so hard.
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April 13, 2009
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